Sexless Marriage? 15 Ways To Have Better (And More) Sex

First comes love, then comes marriage, and then for some, next comes an unexpectedly sexless relationship.

Sex is something couples constantly think about, but when two people are faced with a dull or sexless love life, it can be easier to start focusing on things that irritate them about their partners, rather than trying to solve the problem.

"Typically couples lose the physical part when their emotional connection to each other falters," says Colin Christopher, clinical hypnotherapist and author based in Edmonton. "They focus on what they dislike about their partner and feelings of resentment accumulate and their emotional connection fades. I've seen it happen with couples that have been only married for six months, and I've seen it with couples that have been married for 25 years and in between."

While sex is always great at the beginning of any relationship, factors like stress, money, work and children start taking priority in people's lives. While sex is an emotional connection shared by two people, busy couples start thinking less about themselves and instead about all the other things around them. Other factors like watching too much TV, having too much pressure to perform or not getting enough sleep are all things that contribute to a sexless marriage.

Christopher adds kids are almost always a huge reason couples lose the physical side of their relationship. When things like alone time, extra spending money and body confidence become scarce, people are more likely to shut each other out and not have sex.

But it's not all doom and gloom. If you're willing to put the effort back into the intimate side of your relationship, there are easy changes you can make to go back to your honeymoon phase. Here are Christopher's 15 best tips on how to get sexy time back:

15 Ways To Get Sexy Time Back In Your Relationship