Best Toronto Brunch 2014: Restaurants To Try On Weekend Mornings

As tables and chairs get set up on patios across the city, it occurs to people in Toronto that there is no better way to spend their Saturday or Sunday mornings than at a delicious restaurant for brunch. But if you've exhausted the options in your area (or have yet to find anything in 2014 that piques your interest), it can be downright uninspiring to drag yourself out of bed on a weekend morning just for some plain old eggs and bacon — or veggie bacon, as the preference may be.

This year, in honour of both the rising temperatures and the impending Mother's Day brunch date, we've come up with some new suggestions for places to hit up for the meal that is not quite breakfast, not quite lunch and a polarizing force for some of the city's population.

We looked for places that had unique offerings, as well as those in areas often missed by restaurant round-ups (hello Etobicoke!). But not to worry — we covered many perpetual favourites in our list last year.

Do you have a favourite spot that's not on either of these lists? Let us know in the comments below.

Brunch In Toronto 2014

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