04/22/2014 03:24 EDT | Updated 04/22/2014 03:59 EDT

Summer Pants For 2014 Are Comfy And Fashion-Forward (PHOTOS)

Wonwoo Lee via Getty Images

Hard to believe it, but summer 2014 is quickly approaching and although we usually turn to cute dresses when deciding what to wear, we should be paying more attention to summer pants.

Here's why: pants are perfect for when we want to hide our pale, pasty legs (pre-tan, natch), they come in a variety of colours and prints and they break up the monotony of wearing frocks every day.

The pants of summer also differ from their winter cousins in one important way: they're not heavy. Thanks to lightweight materials such as linen, as well as roomy, stretchy materials, summer pants for women don't make you sweat.

Take a look at a bunch of our picks for the trendiest pants for 2014.

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