04/22/2014 09:07 EDT | Updated 06/22/2014 05:59 EDT

Urban beach proposed for New Westminster waterfront

Metro Vancouver's newest beach will likely be in New Westminster after city council approved it in principle as part of  the continued redevelopment of its waterfront that began with the opening of Westminster Pier Park in 2012.

A report to council identified an urban beach as a high priority.

City planners say the next step is the reclamation of the timber wharf section of the park, which still has the site's original pilings. In addition to an urban beach, plans call for public pathways, an outdoor fitness area, an area for sports, and an off-leash dog enclosure.

Under the plan, the black asphalt would be covered with sand and umbrellas. A retaining wall would still separate the public from the fast-flowing Fraser River.

Residents like Wendy Doyle say it's a great idea. Doyle says she'll use the beach.

"I will and so will my little dog Grace," Doyle says. "She's a rescue dog from California. She's a beach dog. She'll be soaking up the sun. "

A staff report separates the proposals into priorities with the beach listed as secondary to reclaiming the wharf. The plan would cost about $298,000, $95,000 for the beach alone.

Other cities including Paris, Berlin and Toronto already have similar types of riverfront urban beaches.

What do you think of urban beaches? Have you come across any good examples in your travels?