04/23/2014 12:33 EDT

Teen Rushed To Hospital After Party At 24 Sussex Drive


An 18-year-old girl was rushed to hospital in the wee hours of Sunday morning with suspected alcohol poisoning after a party at 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence of the prime minister and his family.

The RCMP has confirmed the young woman is not a member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's family.

Harper's son, Ben, was born in 1996 and turned 18 on Saturday. He was celebrating his birthday at the residence.

The Prime Minister's Office refused to say whether alcohol was served at 24 Sussex or whether there was any booze at Ben's birthday party.

The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 and it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors. The legal drinking age in nearby Quebec is 18.

RCMP spokesperson Lucy Shorey told The Globe and Mail the Ottawa Paramedic Service responded to a "medical call" Saturday and that it was not a police matter.

The RCMP, responsible for Harper's security, has told the Globe it will not intervene.

Ben Harper will be attending Queen's University in the fall and has committed to play for the school’s volleyball team.

Harper and his wife, Laureen, also have a daughter, Rachel, who is three years younger than Ben.

News of the medical call sparked plenty of chatter online Wednesday.

UPDATE: iPolitics reports it has obtained a brief audio clip from an online scanner. The recording captures what sounds to be a dispatcher sending an ambulance to 24 Sussex Dr.

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