Drake's Lint Roller Was The Toronto Raptors' Lucky Charm

Despite years of watching sports teams failing to win the championship, Toronto is an athlete-loving town, and when our teams do make the playoffs, it means all eyes are on them at all times.

So it was hard to miss the sight of Drake, the Toronto-born rapper and the global ambassadors for the Toronto Raptors, sitting courtside last night with a lint roller, calmly cleaning off his pans as the team went on to defeat the Brooklyn Nets 100 to 95.

The video immediately prompted its own Twitter handle (which admittedly, has been a bit tamer than we'd prefer), as well as plenty of derision from Nets fans. This image, created on April 18 by Twitter user Cliff Knueppel, said it all for the haters:

But considering the Raptors' eventual victory, we don't think there's anything wrong with cleaning yourself up a bit before the game. And knowing Drake, he just wanted to be sure he looked proper when it happened.

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