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Alison Redford Still Absent From Legislature

Alison Redford, premier of Canada's Alberta province, speaks during an interview in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011. Redford told reporters in Washington yesterday she doesn't have 'any reason' to believe the U.S. government's review of the Keystone XL pipeline will lead to an 'adverse' outcome. Photographer: Stephen Yang/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Alison Redford still hasn't surfaced in the legislature, but it's reported she wants to collect pay while she's away.

According to the Calgary Herald, Redford notified the Alberta legislature Speaker's office that her reason for being absent is legitimate.

Her staff told the Speaker that her absence falls under rules that exempt MLAs from being docked pay if their lack of attendance is due to illess, injury, bereavement, or business outside the legislature.

Redford has been absent nine sitting days since her resignation in last month, reports CBC News.

She has only resurfaced once — to hand out a government cheque in Calgary — and has occasionally posted to her Twitter account.

Earlier this month, some opposition members said Redford needs to get back to the legislature to carry out her duties.

However, at the time, NDP Leader Brian Mason said Redford deserves some space.

"I think we should cut her some slack," said Mason.

"She's had a very rough period of time, a very rough go and I don't think we should expect to see her around here for a little while."

According to the CBC, the Speaker's office would not confirm if Redford intends to return to legislature at all this season.

Premier Dave Hancock told the Calgary Herald he's not concerned about Redford's lack of attendance.

"It’s not my duty as premier to police attendance in the legislature," he said.

"I am not about to question how any given MLA represents their constituents. ...People can make their own judgments with respect to that."

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