10 Benefits Of Cauliflower

The kale of 2014, the budget-friendly superfood, the most underrated vegetable — whatever you've heard about cauliflower in the past, it's all true.

Cauliflower doesn't get as much respect as it deserves and according to Toronto-based health and nutrition expert Rosanna Lee, this cruciferous/brassica vegetable should be allowed to redeem itself this year.

"We have all heard one too many times to choose darker-coloured vegetables over lighter-coloured ones," she says."The cauliflower is no stranger to this latest nutritional criticism."

Call it vegetable discrimination if you like, but cauliflower has a long list of health benefits that will make any veggie lover/hater happy. Even though it has a reputation as boring, its versatility means you can fry it, boil it, bake it or mash it.

And if you can't stand the taste, mask it. Lee says simple things like strong spices and seasonings can make your cauliflower taste like basically anything you want.

Since we can't get enough of this veggie, Lee has given us 10 healthy facts about cauliflower that will make your day:

Benefits Of Cauliflower