04/24/2014 04:01 EDT | Updated 05/05/2014 09:59 EDT

Wives Of Men With Big Penises More Likely To Cheat, Study Finds

If you're the owner of a big penis, a new study suggests your partner is likely to have an affair.

According to a recent study by online Journal PloS One, wives of men with big penises are more likely to cheat. The study, which was lead by a team of U.S. and Kenyan researchers, looked at the extra-martial affairs of women married to fishermen in Kenya.

To collect data, researchers looked at interviews from over 500 couples and 12 focus groups. Men were asked to measure their own erect penises with a 15-inch ruler as a guide, and women were asked to measure as well. Researchers concluded the longer the penis was in inches, the higher chance the wife was likely to cheat.

"We included this variable because of the interest and controversies that surround men's pursuant of penile enlargement ostensibly to sexually satisfy their spouses while women do not necessarily approve of it," researchers noted.

More importantly, researchers want to pinpoint which factors led women to seek other men in the first place.

"Domestic violence, denial of a preferred sex positions, longer erect penis, younger age and increased sexual satisfaction were the main predictors of women's involvement in extra-marital partnerships," according to researchers.

While other studies suggest women find men with bigger penises more attractive, researchers in this study want to point out bigger penises didn't make men better lovers and sometimes, penis enlargements, for example, aren't necessary to keep your sexual partners happy.

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