Chia Pudding: 17 Easy Chia Seed Recipes

You've read about chia, and you know why you should add this healthy little seed to your diet. But finding ways to eat this seed on a regular basis can get tricky. Sprinkling a bit of chia on a salad is fine, if not a bit boring, and chia frescas are refreshing but not very filling.

That’s why chia pudding recipes are best of both words: with a basic formula, you can make an endless variety of treats that help you get some chia seeds into your diet, and also provide a healthy breakfast or snack. As a bonus, many chia pudding are vegan, raw, gluten-free, or paleo friendly — or even all of the above.

The 17 recipes below are all a great way to enjoy chia seeds, but we challenge you to get creative: think about your favourite breakfast or dessert foods, then work on turning those into a chia pudding recipe of your own.

17 Tasty Chia Pudding Recipes