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Four Seasons Launches Private Jet For World Tours, Because Of Course It Can

(Relaxnews) - From February 2015, the luxury hotel group will become the first in the industry to offer its clients exclusive and unique itineraries aboard its own private jet.

The Four Seasons Jet, emblazoned with the hotel group's logo, will be able to accommodate up to 52 passengers for customized travel experiences.

In the jet's cabin, passengers will settle into reclining leather seats, where they will enjoy gourmet meals and complementary WiFi.

The aircraft will fly between destinations where Four Seasons hotels are located. An in-flight concierge will be available to listen to clients' requests (for spa bookings, excursions, etc) and relay them to his colleagues on the ground.

Several itineraries have already been scheduled, and clients can now reserve their passage. A world tour in 24 days (nine destinations) will take passengers from Los Angeles to London with stops in various locations, including in India to visit the Taj Mahal. The luxury trip is priced at $119,000 per person. In April of next year, the jet will set off for a 16-day tour of six European capitals of art and culture, including Milan, Prague and St. Petersburg.

The following August, another journey around the globe will take passengers to three newly opened Four Seasons hotels as well as to the group's very first safari lodge, located in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Like the first world tour, this 24-day trip is priced at $119,000 per person and will include stops in nine destinations altogether. Beijing, Marrakesh, New York and the Maldives are all on the itinerary.

Each trip includes airfare, ground transportation, day trips, all meals and lodging in the Four Seasons' luxurious properties.

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