04/25/2014 05:53 EDT | Updated 04/25/2014 06:59 EDT

Will Smith Lookalike Washes Windows In Vancouver (PHOTO)

Well, this is the best selfie we've seen in a while.

Two Vancouver women snapped a photo of themselves with the window washer working outside the highrise they were in — and the man just so happens to look exactly like Will Smith.

Kelly Kong (right) was at her friend's Yaletown apartment in downtown Vancouver when the duo noticed the worker and couldn't resist getting him to pose for them.

The combination of Vancouver Will Smith's thumbs up and goofy grin results in what we consider to be pretty much the perfect selfie. Job well done by all. They Are Legend, Pursuit Of Happyness achieved, etc. etc.

Can you say Fresh Prince of Vancity?

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