04/27/2014 03:37 EDT | Updated 06/27/2014 05:59 EDT

Women's football season kicks off

The Montreal Blitz are the only Canadian team in the Independent Women’s Football League, and are now 2-0 after beating the Danbury Wreckers 53-0 yesterday afternoon.

The Blitz are considered one of the best in the league, with teams all over New England in their division.

They've been division and league champions in the 32-team Independent Women's Football League.

“That’s often the problem when we play American teams: they’re bigger and stronger than us, but we have a few players that are fast, and that’s how we maintain our status and that’s how we stay competitive,” linebacker and running back Ngalula Fuamba told All In A Weekend’s Sonali Karnick.

In spite of the Montreal Blitz’s success on the field, some teammates say it can be a challenge just to keep playing.

“We basically pay for everything: buses, if we stay over at hotels. But we’re so passionate, be have players who would do anything basically to play sports, so it’s also a blessing,” said Fuamba. “We put everything into it because we love this sport.”

Players on the Blitz say they would like to see other Canadian team join the IWFL and say the sport is  

“The problem is that it takes someone who wants to start it. It’s not an easy thing to start a tackle football team to you have to find someone who really wants to get it going,” said wide receiver and defensive back Georgina Paull.

Fuamba and Paull say one aspect they like about football is the wide range of skills needed to play the game, meaning there is something for almost everyone.

“We have people from the age of 18 to about 40 of different shapes of sizes, speeds, qualities. It’s a big variety,” said Paull.

Paull and Fuamba are both students, but say they make time to play every game in Montreal, to as far as Pittsburgh.  

“Many women on the team have full-time jobs and families, but we make it work because we love the sport,” said Fuamba. “We really pay a lot to play the sport, so we try to have a perfect record.”