Drunk Food Around The World Looks A Lot Like Hangover Food (VIDEO)

It's Monday morning, so perhaps you don't want to be reminded of what you ate when you drank too much on Saturday night. But trust us, this video from BuzzFeedYellow makes greasy guilty pleasures look temping once again.

We particularly love how each food is laid out in all its glory, showing those of us who don't know what, say, an acarajé is exactly what it's composed of (for the record, it's Brazil's deep-fried batter ball served with shrimp stew). We have to say, though, that poutine they exhibit for Canada looks pretty weak.

Though the video doesn't note where this "data" comes from, it's easy to assume it's based on the junkiest of foods served at places most commonly open once bars close down. According to comments below the video, however, doner is popular across Europe, and Japanese people would never, ever put broccoli and lime in their ramen.

Do these foods correspond with what you eat when you're drunk? Let us know in the comments below.

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