04/29/2014 06:15 EDT | Updated 04/29/2014 06:59 EDT

Company Sort Of Apologizes For 'Probably Caucasian' Job Ad

The B.C. company that sought a "probably Caucasian" candidate in a recent job posting has updated the online ad with an apology of sorts.

Earlier this month, Wistin Building Materials said it was looking for "person raised and educated in North America, probably Caucasian, who is fluent at both English and Mandarin."

On Tuesday, the job posting was updated:

**my sincere apologies, the wrong wrong word was previously used here, the goal was to find a non-Chinese person for this role due to bridging cultural business differences - colour of their skin does not matter- the person posting this job is in a mixed marriage**

Here's what the opening paragraph of the online ad looks like now:

caucasian job ad

And here's the original version:

caucasian job

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