04/29/2014 09:47 EDT | Updated 06/29/2014 05:59 EDT

Hit-and-run killer Cory Sater: 'Everybody's hurt'

A man who is being sentenced this week for killing two women in a 2011 hit-and-run crash in Coquitlam, B.C., has spoken to media for the first time.

Cory Sater, who was found guilty of impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death in the deaths of Charlene Reaveley and Lorraine Cruz, expressed regret on the first day of his sentencing hearing.

"Everybody's hurt," he said. "We're hurt not just for ourselves, but we're also hurt for the other victims... There's a lot of families that have been hurt by this."

With his son by his side outside the B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster, Sater said he is ready for whatever the judge decides, but he hopes for a chance at rehabilitation.

"I will live this every day of my life," he said. "Rest assured, I will be haunted for it. but at the same time there's got to be a positive way to come out of this and become a better person."

Sater's defence is asking for three-and-a-half years. The Crown is recommending a sentence of eight or nine years.

Video evidence entered into the trial showed that Sater drank at least six double rye and Cokes and two Jägerbombs before getting behind the wheel the night of Feb. 19, 2011.

Later that night, his vehicle slammed into 26-year-old Lorraine Cruz and Charlene Reaveley, a 30-year-old mother of four.

Cruz and her boyfriend were stranded after their vehicle hit the median on Lougheed Highway near Pitt River Road, and Reaveley and her husband stopped to help.

As Reaveley and Cruz stood at the side of the road, Sater's SUV careened right into them and kept going.

The women were thrown 20 meters and died instantly, while Cruz's boyfriend was seriously injured.

Sater drove away. He later turned himself in.

Remorse not a factor: Crown

In court on Monday, Crown counsel argued that remorse should not be a factor in Sater's sentencing because he fled the scene and because he took a great deal of intentional risk the night Reaveley and Cruz were killed.

The victims' family members also read victim impact statements to the judge. 

Dan Reaveley revealed he was suicidal after his wife's death, but that he didn't take his life because of their children.

Mary Ogilvie, Reaveley's mother, cried in court as she spoke of the nightmares she has, where she is searching for her daughter and not being able to find her.

She told reporters outside that she is satisfied with the message the families got across.

"All of it, you know, especially how beautiful she was and... ahhh. I can't speak. I'm sorry. She was just lovely, beautiful inside and out. She would walk into a room and just light it up," Ogilvie said.

Ogilvie said that, in her opinion, life in prison would be the only suitable sentence.

"Then maybe people would stop doing this," she said. 

The judge will deliver Sater's sentence on Friday.