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Parks Canada To Add Wi-Fi To National Parks, Woodland Instagrams Now A Possibility

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If a tree falls down in one of Canada's national parks and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Probably not.

But now imagine if it did. Someone would be able to tweet about it, post a photo on Facebook or email their boss — thanks to the upcoming addition of Wi-Fi in parts of Canada's wilderness and historic sites.

The government agency in charge of 44 national parks and 160 historic sites says it plans to add up to 50 internet hotspots, giving park visitors the option to stay connected and surf the web. It's a move that's expected to attract a more digitally-savvy generation to the country's national parks, according to Francois Duclos, a Parks Canada spokesperson.

"Canada is a very big country, and it has become very urban. And for young people from cities, things are different," Duclos told AFP.

It's still uncertain which the the first 50 areas will be selected as part of the trial phase, but Parks Canada says that number will triple within three years. The agency is currently accepting offers from companies to provide the service and expects the majority of the service will be free. Service for some areas that are too remote might come with a fee.

Wi-Fi is currently available in some of Canada's provincial parks, with hotspots in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, the CBC reports.

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