Third Anniversary Gifts Should Be Leather, Crystal

As the Duke and Duchess celebrate their third wedding anniversary on April 290, other couples who got married in 2011 might be wondering, "what exactly do I get my spouse this year?"

According to the "official" list of anniversary gifts, the third anniversary calls for leather (from a traditional perspective) or glass/crystal (from a modern perspective). The list of traditional wedding gifts has been around since the 19th century, with an expanded list published by the American National Retailer Jeweler Association in 1937, according to Martha Stewart.

While rumour has it Will gave Kate a Cartier watch to celebrate their special day (due to its crystal face, perhaps?), other partners are probably not looking for something so extravagant.

We've pulled together some ideas for men and women to give to each other on their third anniversaries. Did you come up with a great one yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

Third Anniversary Gift Ideas