Practicing Yoga For Better Sex Combines Two Great Things In One

A healthy life consists of many things, not least of which include exercise and a good sex life. So if you can combine the two into one practice, it seems like you'd be getting the best of both worlds.

In an infographic from, our favourite yoga poses are detailed in a fun and friendly way, taking this notion away from the seemingly complicated images of tantric sex and reminding us how our bodies work.

We enjoy the idea of a long, lithe yoga body doing headstands as much as the next person, but if we're being realistic, we know it's a long way from trying to get our heels down during downward dog to twisting ourselves into impressive shapes. That's why it's so awesome to see these poses are all quite, er, doable (pardon the pun).

Of course, yoga helps us bodies in plenty of ways, apart from the stretching and potential enhanced sex aspects. The more internal aspects include everything from neurological benefits to getting us in touch with our intuition. Which can only, we imagine, make our intimate moments even better.

Check out how the poses in the infographic above can help improve your sex life:

Yoga Poses For Better Sex