04/30/2014 04:29 EDT | Updated 06/30/2014 05:59 EDT

Election bill clause-by-clause review continues at committee

After working until nearly midnight on Tuesday, MPs reconvene Wednesday evening to continue clause-by-clause review of the government's bid to rewrite Canada's election laws.

Between now and Thursday afternoon, committee members will have to get through more than 150 clauses that make up the 200-plus-page bill, as well as 344 amendments, including 45 put forward by the government in response to widespread criticism of the bill as originally drafted. 

When the committee adjourned on Tuesday, MPs had managed to work their way through more than 60 proposed tweaks, the majority of which originated from the opposition side of the table and were ultimately defeated.

Several government-backed amendments were passed, however, including a provision that would make the chief electoral officer's 10-year term non-renewable.

In response to widespread criticism from opposition parties, expert witnesses and others, the Conservatives also put forward motions to change the wording of one of the most contentious sections of the bill — specifically, the provisions related to the chief electoral officer's freedom to communicate with the public.

The committee agreed to add a section explicitly allowing the CEO to "implement public education and information programs" aimed at primary and secondary students, and authorizing him to launch advertising campaigns on "any other purpose related to his mandate."

Lukiwski also served notice that, instead of proposing amendments related to the appointment of partisan-picked poll supervisors, government members would simply vote down those clauses when the committee hits that point in the bill.

Follow the live blog of Wednesday's review below.

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