04/30/2014 03:27 EDT | Updated 05/31/2019 16:22 EDT

16 Reasons Why The Toronto Raptors Have Already Won The Playoffs

If you've been a die-hard Toronto Raptors fan for years (yes, through all those rough seasons), or you've just recently joined the bandwagon, there are plenty of reasons to be proud of this team this year.

From breaking franchise records to making fans incredibly rowdy all across the city, it's been an absolute pleasure to watch this young team play in 2014. With a record-high 48 wins (48-34) and a first-place position in the Atlantic division, the Raptors have even managed to bring the whole country together in a way that only the Olympics can — we are the only Canadian team in the NBA, by the way.

As the Raptors take on the Brooklyn Nets in their final few games (Game 5 happens tonight), we've jumped the gun and have already declared them winners.

Here are 16 reasons why the Toronto Raptors have truly already won the playoffs (and our hearts):

Just hold on, Toronto rapper Drake brought a lint roller to a playoff game.

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