04/30/2014 09:27 EDT | Updated 06/30/2014 05:59 EDT

Unsolved homicides: 8 cold cases from Vancouver police

The Vancouver Police Department has launched a new website to feature some of the city's most frustrating unsolved murder cases.

"Despite lengthy, complex investigations, their killers have not been caught. Look at their faces and read their stories – these people were somebody’s mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, or son. People cared for them and they are deeply missed," the site says.

The police force launched the website with an online form to accept tips, and posted eight cases, dating back to 1981. Here's a look at the stories of those eight victims:

1. Willene Chong — 2008

Willene Wah Ying Chong died in a house fire in the 2700 block of E 55th Avenue in the early morning hours of Sept. 11, 2008. 

Investigators determined that the fire was act of arson. Police say there were a number of other fires deliberately set in the area that same morning.

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2. Evan Garber — 2006

Evan Garber, 59, was enjoying a late-night meal at a restaurant at 3163 Main Street on On April 28, 2006.

At 1:30 a.m. PT, a man with a handgun came in and tried to rob the business. Garber intervened, and was shot and killed.

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3. Danielle Larue — 2002

The body of Danielle Marissa Larue was never found, but police believe she was murdered in November on 2002.

On New Year’s Eve that year, an anonymous letter was dropped off at the Vancouver Police Department’s public service counter. The letter discussed the disappearance and death of a Vancouver sex trade worker. 

The writer described Larue, admitted to killing her, and asked for the victim’s name to be mentioned in the news so he would know who she was.

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4. Richard Chacon — 1999

Richard Chacon, 31, was shot and killed at The Car Wash, an after-hours club at 1180 W Hastings Street where he worked as a manager in 1999. Chacon, originally from Huntington Beach, Calif. had been living in Vancouver for about three years.

At around 3:30 a.m. on July 25, a fight broke out between two men. Chacon tried to pry the men apart, when a shot was fired. The bullet passed through one of the fighting men, who survived, and into Chacon — who did not. 

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5. Cathy Berard  — 1996

Someone attacked 61-year-old Cathy Berard the evening of July 4, 1996, or early in the morning the next day, before a jogger found her lying bleeding and unconscious on the grounds of David Thompson Secondary School.

She eventually regained consciousness in hospital, but her injuries eventually led to her death 18 months later.

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6.  Jillian Fuller — 1993

Jillian Fuller, 28, was seen with a man at the Fraser Arms Hotel and the Rock Cellar Pub in the early hours of March 4, 1993, just hours before her death.

Police say she was killed in her apartment, which was in the 8700 block of Granville Street. The killer then set the apartment on fire in an attempt to conceal the crime.

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7. Sheila Henry — 1993

Sheila Henry, who worked as a nurse at Vancouver General Hospital, was 26 years old and six weeks pregnant when she was beaten and strangled to death.

Her husband called police after finding her dead in their home at 3356 W 7th Ave. the evening of Feb. 5, 1993.

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8. Kristin Gurholt — 1981

Kristin Gurholt was 34 years old when she found herself evicted from the Marble Arch Hotel in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside the night of Sept. 4, 1981.

Police believe she was then attacked and killed after rejecting someone's sexual advances in an alley behind 575 Richards Street. She was found naked with her skull fractured. Her clothes were scattered around her and a suitcase containing her personal effects was found nearby.

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