05/01/2014 01:25 EDT | Updated 07/01/2014 05:59 EDT

First Nations chief calls 'urgent' meeting on education bill

Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Stan Beardy is calling for an emergency meeting of the AFN executive to discuss the education bill currently before Parliament. 

The controversial bill has been dividing chiefs, many of whom cite serious issues with the proposed legislation. 

Beardy sent the letter earlier today to the executive members of the AFN, including National Chief Shawn Atleo, calling for a meeting on May 14 to discuss "this urgent matter."

"Article 14 of the AFN Charter states that the executive committee can request a special session. At this time, I am invoking this article," Beardy wrote.

Atleo has come under fire recently for his support of Bill C-33 and a movement to oust him has been gaining momentum on social media. 

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