05/01/2014 01:11 EDT | Updated 05/01/2014 01:59 EDT

Jessica Biel Shows Us How To Wear A Crop Top With Class Not Flash

There's the way Rihanna wears a crop top and then there's the way Jessica Biel wears a crop top.

The difference? Where RiRi flaunted a ton of flesh, Justin Timberlake's wife opted to tone down her potentially sexy look for a more modest take.

On Tuesday, the actress attended a Tiffany & Co. event in West Hollywood wearing a cream Vionnet crop top and white high-waisted wide-leg silk trousers that billowed out from her knees into a relaxed and cool fit.

It would be easy to miss the fact that the beautifully understated shirt was actually a crop top, as only a hint of Jessica's tummy was visible, but the lack of skin proved that there's a way to make a crop top look classy, not flashy.

The look also proved that there's a crop top out there for women of all shapes and sizes. (But we already knew that because Mindy Kaling and a pregnant Kerry Washington wore them and looked fabulous.)

What do you think of Jessica's look?

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