05/01/2014 04:10 EDT | Updated 07/01/2014 05:59 EDT

Quotes from main players following Ontario budget

TORONTO - Some quotes from key players following the release of the Ontario budget on Thursday:

—"This is a budget, it's a platform that's long-term in scope, it's visionary and it's all about leadership to create jobs. This is not about election-cycle decisions, nor should it ever be. So it's about the well-being of the province of Ontario and Ontarians themselves." — Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

— "In regards to what'll happens next, that's be up to Andrea Horwath and the NDP, and frankly Tim Hudak and the Conservatives. I will leave it to them to determine what goes next." — Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

— "We've got a budget here that quite frankly is a charade. Does anybody really think that this is a budget to govern the province of Ontario? Isn't it really just a series of unconnected ideas to try to keep the Liberal party in office and then to buy the support of the NDP? I want to ask you: is that going to help a single person get back to work in the province?" — Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak

— "You gotta give credit where credit's due: there are five years in a row of beating their budget targets. If they hadn't done that, their debt would have been even higher. But the debt is still high. Debt-to-GDP is 50 per cent higher than it was six to seven years ago. So it's still high and it still represents a longer-term vulnerability to the province." — TD deputy chief economist Derek Burleton

— "Despite all the frenzy of spending announcements that have hit the waves in recent weeks, it's remarkably similar to last year's budget plan. The bigger-ticket initiatives are long-term in nature or come at no direct cost to the government, like the pension." — TD deputy chief economist Derek Burleton.