05/02/2014 05:02 EDT | Updated 07/02/2014 05:59 EDT

Regina pharmacy chided for putting candy in pill bottles as a promotion

REGINA - A Regina pharmacy has been chided for handing out promotional candy in packaged pill bottles.

Ray Joubert, registrar of the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacists, says there's no rule against what the pharmacy did.

But he warns that putting candy in pill bottles may confuse people about the serious nature of medications.

Joubert says he has spoken to the pharmacy's owner and she regrets her actions.

The pharmacy stopped distributing the bottles when complaints surfaced.

A student at an elementary school showed up to class with an empty container that had no indication as to what had been inside.

"They're not to be treated like candy," Joubert said. "They are an important component of your health services that are provided by the pharmacists."

While there are no specific regulations against what the pharmacy did, the college has standards of practice, Joubert said.

"We have general rules around how to promote oneself. And ... those general rules really reflect the principal on basically truth in advertising, engaging practices that don't mislead the public and things like that."

The college has the authority to formally investigate, but Joubert said that won't be necessary in this case.