05/03/2014 11:15 EDT | Updated 07/03/2014 05:59 EDT

Police Break Up Massive House Party At Brampton Mansion

Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Peel police deployed as many as 60 cruisers to break up a raucous Brampton house party that attracted between 1,500 and 2,000 teenagers and caused "substantial" damage. 

Officers say the owner of a yet-to-be-completed mansion called police around 9:50 p.m. about an out-of-control party on the property.

"We did have several officers assaulted and we had several people arrested for [assaulting] police and for public intoxication," said Const. Thomas Ruttan, a spokesman for Peel Regional Police. As many as 60 cruisers from three divisions were dispatched to the site, located near Goreway Drive and Mayfield Road, to shut down the bash. 

Ruttan said no one was seriously hurt.

"Lucky is not a strong enough term to characterize that we had no injuries."

The party caused a "substantial damage" to the mansion, Ruttan said, but he was not able to give a specific dollar figure. 

Ruttan said the homeowners promoted the party on Facebook and Twitter. 

"I would like to respectfully say that that may not be the best choice to use to advertise your party, to have people come to your party," he said. 

"Simply because we're not really aware of how far-reaching social media really is and how quickly something like this can get out of control."

When asked whether his police force has ever broken up a bash as large as the one on Friday, Ruttan answered: "Maybe not to this extent. But I have heard of very, very similar parties."