05/04/2014 05:47 EDT | Updated 07/04/2014 05:59 EDT

Herbie, world traveler, lost in Vancouver. Have you seen him?

Todd Slater's travelling buddy, Herbie survived a 100-day trip throughout South Asia, but didn't last more than a day in Vancouver, disappearing Saturday night during a welcome home dinner at the Keg restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

Slater found the little green plush dinosaur teddy bear in a department store n the Philippines at the start of a trip that would take him from the Philippines to Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

He affectionately named him Herbie and, says Slater, so began a beautiful friendship.

"He lived in the backpack that was slung over my shoulder everywhere I went. Herbie loved the camera though so anytime there was a unique picture to be taken, he wanted in."

During the trip Slater took more than 100 photos of Herbie in various locations including the 10 in the photo gallery at the top of this story.

Slater says he went to the dinner party early to prepare for his guests and set Herbie down on the table.

"The plan was to have all ten of my guests draw dates from a hat and they would take "custody" of Herbie for one of the next 10 weeks, take photos of him, and then we'd all get back together in ten weeks time for dinner again and to share all the great adventures he would go on here at home," said Slater.

"When we arrived at the table he was gone!"

Slater says the Keg's managers were compassionate and helpful, and asked other diners but Herbie was nowhere to be found. He says he's "going public" with his story in the hope that "some child grabbed it off a table unknown to the parents."

Slater says he misses his little buddy and would like him back, no questions asked.

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