05/06/2014 05:50 EDT | Updated 05/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Kanye's Extreme Security Plans For Kimye Wedding Include Retinal Scanners (REPORT)


Kanye West is reportedly planning to use eye scanners on guests at his upcoming wedding.

The hip-hop star is set to marry his fiancée Kim Kardashian in Paris on May 24, with plans heating up at the moment. Kanye is known to be fiercely private and so is taking steps to ensure that only those on the guest list gain access to the big day.

"He's asked his people to put in a request to French President François Hollande for use of the Republican Guard, which provide his security. He's asked for some of the 3,200-strong team to be dispatched to him for the day and has offered to pay $1 million for their services," an insider claimed to British magazine Heat.

"He's also shipping in retina scanners to check all guests and two former agents from America's Secret Service to detect any intruders."

As well as wanting to ensure his and Kim's privacy, the steps are said to be in part because Kanye fears the wedding could be a terrorist target.

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It's claimed he is also hoping to get Paris air space shut down as he worries that paparazzi might try to sneak pictures of the nuptials by using helicopters. Even if that request doesn't go through the star has splashed out $800,000 on four of his own choppers which will be tasked with circling overhead at the venue, Château de Louveciennes, to ward off onlookers. There will also be boats floating on nearby rivers and canals to ensure no one can shoot footage that way.

"There'll be twice as many security staff than guests and metal detectors at all entry points. Kanye's insisted that everyone be checked. They will be monitored by CCTV and have phones and cameras confiscated," the insider said.

Kim has gone along with many of Kanye's requests since they got together, including not allowing their daughter North to appear on her reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." She has also tried to stay out of the spotlight, but is apparently finding it hard to get on board with the wedding plans.

"She's told him it's going to seem more like a military operation, with guests feeling as if they're constantly being watched," the insider said. "She's concerned that he's going way too far and is turning their wedding into a joke where guests will be too afraid to enjoy themselves."

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