05/06/2014 01:13 EDT | Updated 07/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Nikki Yanofsky's new album showcases big dreams

She's 20-years-old now and dreaming big.

Nikki Yanofsky will showcase her new album, Little Secret, this evening at the Rialto Theatre with a performance with a full band. 

And this jazz prodigy has several little secrets to share: she's writing her own songs; Grammy-nominated, Quincy Jones, is her producer and mentor; she always travels with her little dog, Harry; and she's not afraid of growing up. 

Yanofsky told me she's really much more of a sneakers and jeans girl.

She still lives at home here in Montreal. 

She's dreaming about writing a song for a future James Bond movie. In fact, she recorded it on this album. It's called Bang.