05/06/2014 10:02 EDT | Updated 07/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Student victim of beating, racial slurs at Sutton High School

Four teens have been charged with assault after a black student was beaten while onlookers yelled racial slurs at a high school north of Toronto that has already suffered another scandal involving racism.

A video shot in April shows two students punching each other at Sutton High School in Georgina, Ont. In the background bystanders yell racial slurs – which was the most saddening part, according to the victim’s father.

Charles Makuto said his 17-year-old son has been facing racism and bullying since moving to the small community in October.

“It’s just been hard to deal with,” Makuto said. “It’s just been so much pressure. I feel badly for my son.”

Sutton High School also made the news in February 2013 after several students were forbidden from wearing Confederate flag paraphernalia — an image long associated with racism and abuse.

Since then, principal Dawn Laliverte said the school has implemented programs to educate students about racism.

She added that racism will not be tolerated,” and that it is a small group of students who are responsible for these actions.

The African Canadian Legal Clinic, however, says not enough is being done to prevent incidents like this from happening in this community.

“They are not doing enough and they need to send a message to others in that school who may hold that same point of view that this type of action should not be tolerate in any way, shape or form.” said Roger Love of the ACLC.

The four students were suspended but have since returned to school.

Makuto says that not enough is being done by the York Regional School Board, adding that no measures have been put in place to protect his son.

“What are they waiting for?” Makuto said. “For some other kid to be dead … is that what they want?”