05/07/2014 04:57 EDT | Updated 05/07/2014 06:59 EDT

Homemade Mother's Day Gifts For Grown-Ups

We Are That Family

In your mother's eyes, you'll always be a child, whether it's one who scraped her knee and needs a kiss, or one who's now dropping off his own kids at her house to babysit. So for this Mother's Day, we suggest getting back to basics and making her a homemade Mother's Day gift that will remind her of all those — ahem — masterpieces from your childhood. This one, however, won't get "accidentally" donated to charity.

We've pulled together a variety of potential presents you can pull together by this Sunday, May 11, just in time to show Mom she's still worthy of your best crafting efforts. And since she might be the person from whom you inherited all of that prowess with a gluestick and markers, she'll know just how special your creation really is.

Check out these 15 grown-up crafts to give your mom this Mother's Day:

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