05/07/2014 08:15 EDT | Updated 05/07/2014 08:59 EDT

Summer Weather Forecast For Canada Sees Cool Months Ahead

Weather gods, why do you torment central and eastern Canada so?

It's bad enough that cities like Toronto, Montreal and Halifax dealt with a polar vortex and a hurricane-like storm this winter. But now they're set to see a cooler summer than normal, while western Canada enjoys a warmer, drier sunny season, according to

Here are the weather patterns Canadians can expect to see this summer.

  • It Sucks To Be In The Centre Of The Universe
    The spring's cool weather is expected to continue into the summer due to a persistent dip in the jet stream across central and eastern Canada.
  • There's Also This
    Record ice coverage on the Great Lakes will delay their warming.
  • It Will Result In This
    The frozen lakes will cool the surrounding area, including Toronto, Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie.
  • The Upside
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    There's less risk of severe weather in the eastern Prairies and northwestern Ontario.
  • The Downside
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    Patio season in Toronto may not be quite as nice as in previous summers.
  • Meanwhile In Atlantic Canada...
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    A cool start to the summer will give way to warmer and more humid conditions in the second half.
  • But Out West...
    Jesse Ferreras
    It's mostly good news.
  • B.C. And Western Alberta Are Likely To See Warmer Weather...
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    Above-normal temperatures are forecast.
  • ...And Less Rain.
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    West Coasters can expect more of this.
  • So There Will Be More Time For This...
    Ashley Wray
    Paddleboarding with a pug. So Vancouver.
  • But Also A Heightened Chance Of This
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    Higher temperatures and the Pine Beetle could lead to increased risk of a forest fire.
  • So Get Your Hate On For The West
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    Believe us, they deserve it.
  • Because Just Like In The Winter...
    When it was cold and miserable...
  • They're Going To Rub Our Faces In It All Summer Long
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    Damn them! Damn them!

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