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33 Signs You Grew Up In West Hill

If you grew up in the most picturesque portion of Scarborough, this is for you.

When people say you're from Scarborough you're like

Because Scarborough looks like this

scarborough strip mall

(Credit: Flickr/Tyler Wilson)

And West Hill looks like this

rouge valley

(Credit: Flickr/Sean_Marshall)

I mean, this is the view from our Go Station

rouge hill go station

(Credit: Flickr/Andy Nystrom)

You remember when Morningside Mall still existed

morningside mall

You avoid people from Pickering like the plague

Hangovers rekindle memories of this place

teds restaurant

(Credit: Flickr/JasonParis)

You know the Mosque on Old Kingston Road used to be a strip club


You know people north of the 401 live in "Paradise"


You remember what things looked like before all the houses

rouge hill go station

And the golf course that is no more

golf course

This guy ripped your movie tickets

james loader

His name is James Loader

james loader 2

He has a trademark rip

ripped tickets

ripped ticket

And he's basically a meme now

morningside theatre meme2

morningside theatre meme1

You rented movies here

markville video

You have daydreams about this

401 good

(Credit: Flickr/Jess)

And nightmares about this...

... And this

pickering nuclear

Credit: Flickr/JasonParis

This is the end of your world


You made out here


(Credit: Flickr/Aidan Whiteley)

And here

west rouge community centre

You probably own this t-shirt

t shirt

You ate here way too much


And waited in this line far too often


Until you could wait in this line across the street


You know this used to be Penny Lane

penny lane

You listened to this a lot


And loved seeing your hood in this video

You actually swam in the lake


And you're looking forward to having a national park

national park

And even though you may live here now

toronto skyline

This will always be home


(Credit: Flickr/Hayden Petrie)

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