05/08/2014 04:43 EDT | Updated 05/08/2014 04:59 EDT

CMW 2014: Brody Dalle Distills Canadian Music Week To Its Essence

Dylan Leeder/CMW

At 11 pm sharp Brody Dalle took the stage of the Horseshoe . And by took, I mean took.

Two songs in and Dalle's full-throated razorblade rasp was fully on offer; three and we all got to bask in and thrash to a Distillers song (“I Am A Revenant”) that peeled the paint off the walls.

The rest followed from there.

Dalle went from givin' it to givin'er, reminding us why we were knocked senseless by her a decade ago. Punk rock's recent resurgence seems rooted in a happier kind of couture punk, so it's great that in Dalle we have a counterbalance that brings something forceful and nasty to the stage, and that in her new songs (from her recently released album "Diploid Love") she hasn't lost any of what made her so very special to us all those years ago.

In fact, the only bad part of Brody's set was the scores of people whose idea of being at a punk show was filming the whole thing on massive Samsung gadgets (or the one girl who puked at the merch booth at 11:20pm on a Wednesday) but, you know, Toronto gon' Toronto.

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