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Rob Ford Says He's In A 'Divorce' With Wife Renata In New Bar Video

Rob Ford's marriage may be on the rocks.

That is if you believe what Toronto's mayor says in a new bar rant video released by the Toronto Sun Friday. In the clip, Ford says he's in a "divorce" with his wife Renata and that he's going to the "fucking doghouse" and a "hotel."

According to the Sun, the clip was recorded late in April during the same period when Ford was caught in a second video smoking what looks like crack and was recording making sexual remarks about fellow mayoral comment Karen Stintz.

Meanwhile, Doug Ford said the Ford family will release information Friday that will end the speculation about whether his brother is really in rehab.

But the Sun reports that they have a source who says Ford left treatment for three days and has since returned. Earlier in the week Ford was seen by several witnesses at a Tim Hortons in Toronto, but Doug said it was a case of mistaken identity and that he was the one at the coffee shop. Tim Hortons said Friday that Doug was indeed the only Ford at the store on Monday.

The Ford family has so far refused to say where the mayor is receiving treatment, citing concerns for the privacy of other patients.

There has been other evidence lately that Ford is having marital difficulties. Last week, the Toronto Star reported that Ford said “My wife and children hate me" during a night of partying that saw the mayor get into an altercation with pop star Justin Bieber.

Reporter Robyn Doolittle wrote in her book "Crazy Town" that Ford's wife tried to get him to go to rehab soon after he was elected mayor in 2010. Ford reportedly refused and Renata told a confidante that “He thinks that he, oh, you know, ‘I’ll get off the pills, but I’m not giving up the blow.’” Ford's lawyer Dennis Morris denied that Renata ever made the comments.

There have also been signs that Ford's erratic behaviour has extended to his home life.

In 2008, when Ford was a city councillor, he was charged with assault and uttering a death threat to his wife. Those charges were later dropped.

On Christmas morning in 2011, Ford’s mother-in-law called police to his home, saying Ford had been drinking and was taking his children to Florida against Renata’s wishes. No charges were laid.

Renata is rarely seen in public but stood by Ford’s side at a press conference in November during which he apologized for making a crude remark about oral sex.

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