05/12/2014 03:36 EDT | Updated 07/12/2014 05:59 EDT

Highlights of a UN report's findings on Canada treatment of First Nations

OTTAWA - A United Nations representative has released a report on Canada's treatment of Aboriginal Peoples. Here are some of James Anaya's findings and recommendations:

— The "well-being gap" between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people has not narrowed in recent years;

— Treaty and aboriginal claims are still "persistently" unresolved;

— Aboriginal women and girls remain vulnerable to violence and abuse;

— There are high levels of mistrust among the aboriginal community toward governments of all levels;

— The federal government should further consult with aboriginal people to address outstanding concerns about its proposed changes to First Nations education;

— The government should hold a Canada-wide inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women and girls;

— The federal government says it fulfills its duty to consult with First Nations on energy projects through processes such as environmental assessments, but since fewer projects now require such reviews, there are fewer consultations;

— Canada's relationship with First Nations nonetheless has a "well-developed legal framework" and policy initiatives that are largely protective of their rights.



The situation of indigenous peoples in Canadahttp://unsr.jamesanaya.org/country-reports/the-situation-of-indigenous-peoples-in-canada