05/12/2014 03:51 EDT | Updated 05/26/2014 04:59 EDT

40 Signs You've Been Taking The TTC Way Too Long

Chris So via Getty Images
TORONTO, ON - APRIL 2: Lansdowne 512 streetcars pass each other at Wychwood Ave and St. Clair Avenue. TTC stats suggest that the St. Clair right of way for streetcars has improved ridership and cut transit trip times. April 2, 2014. (Chris So/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

A Toronto public transit user's life can be unfortunate.

You deal with annual fare hikes, packed subways, and of course, you have to put up with delays, delays and more delays.

If you grew up using Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), or still spend your days "riding the Rocket," we can all agree some days are just painful, while others — like meeting a super nice driver, having the bus stop for you or chatting with a fellow Torontonian — make it a genuinely positive part of your day.

This isn't a list that outlines all the annoying things we have to deal with during our commutes, but a narrowed-down look at all the things you start noticing when you've been taking the TTC for way too many years.

Now obviously a story of this size cannot possibly cover every nook and cranny, so don't forget to list your favourite/worst thing about the TTC in the comments below:

You know the streetcar lines at Spadina Station are not equal

If you ever get stuck at Spadina station during morning rush hour, you'll notice three things: a) there are two lines b) the station conductors love saying "mind the doors" and c) the line for the front doors ALWAYS looks long but ALWAYS moves faster. Try it out yourself.

You already know Kennedy, Warden and Greenwood stations have classical music

No, it is not in your head. And yes, it can be kind of soothing.

Sometimes, you walk faster than a streetcar

If you ever have a choice between walking or taking the streetcar downtown during rush hour, just walk.

TTC PDA kills you softly

Unless, of course, you happen to be sitting on an old-school subway with orange and yellow seats, and slide back and forth at every stop, touching people around you. Gross.

You remember these

And all the fraud stories that came with them.

ttc adult ticket fraud

Bathurst station always smells the freaking best

And Union and Dundas West smell like Filet-o-Fish.

If you snooze, you know you never have to give up your seat

"Ride the Rocket" was always an inside (dirty) joke growing up

And no, Spadina doesn't rhyme with vagina. Grow up.

You like telling TTC noobs that conductors actually used to announce each station

Remember when each stop garnered a lot more enthusiasm?

And who is this new automated voice on the new subway anyways?

...A robot? She also says "Dundas" and "Bloor" in a weird way.

You know at least one person who has done this

See what we mean...

Seriously kids, don't do this.

Speaking of maps, sometimes you STILL have to check to make sure you're going the right way

Waiting on the platform can look like this

And you hate nothing more than people who cut in line.

Rush hour makes you wish you had a car

... or a job in Ajax or Hamilton.

ttc rush hour

You laugh at people who stand on the wrong side of the opening doors

Things about transit bother you: Exhibit A: Annoying pet peeve


Exhibit B: Worse pet peeve


Exhibit C: Why the hell do I still take this every day?


Yes, some stations have WiFi — but you don't have time to use it

Send that email, quick!

Any kind of fight or altercation on transit ends up on World Star Hip Hop

Stations on the Sheppard Line are just gorgeous

The transfer machine was your best friend growing up

You were one of those annoying kids constantly hitting the button, and you were also creative enough to make little hats, boats and origami figures from the paper.


You remember when TTC fares used to be cheap

The adult fare was $2 in 1996

You remember this commercial

(Sorry for making you feel old)

You never want to be on the TTC after any kind of sporting event or concert

You have to deal with drunk, angry and loud commuters.

If you're a student, you've been asked at least ONCE to prove your age

Alternatively, you know someone who WASN'T a student who got away with it for years

Because they looked 8.

You look at other city's subway systems and cry on the inside

One day Toronto, one day.

japan subway map

Late night buses (a.k.a. the Vomit Comet) are always an adventure

(Both good and bad)

You dream of the day when the subway is 24/7

Two people in the turnstyle with one Metropass?

Oh yeah, it happens

You honestly can't remember the last time you took the streetcar to Harbourfront

Construction in this city never ends.

This sound is music to your ears

And also an indicator when you have to run for the subway

Things get smelly in the summer

The gap between the platform and the subway is a scary place

And you probably know someone who has dropped something down there.

You know for fact some bus/streetcar drivers are AMAZING

Shout out to Christina on the #86 Scarborough bus and the super-friendly 510 Spadina streetcar driver who tells riders not to "drink and drive"

You have to admit, the subway is pretty clean

Compared to like, New York City

You're used to subway delays

And surprisingly, they always don't last so long

But you never factor in tiny delays at Kennedy/Kipling/Finch/Downsview, which always makes you late

And why is it that the subway ALWAYS decides to slow down when it gets to Kennedy?

The distance between stations North of Bloor/Yonge always feel like they take forever

We love going to Kipling/Leslie station IKEA

And no matter how much you love to complain about public transit... will be a commuter for life. Just think about it, it's better for the environment, cheaper than gas and you see interesting people on a daily basis.