05/13/2014 05:29 EDT | Updated 05/13/2014 05:59 EDT

'Best Twitter Joke Possibly Ever' (TWEETS)

The last time @DrFNFurter used Twitter, the mysterious user left his followers in suspense.

The user began quoting a lyric from "Sweet Transvestite," a song from "Rocky Horror Picture Show," five years ago:

In the time since that tweet, Vancouver hosted an Olympics, Barack Obama was re-elected as U.S. president and the Crimea region was annexed by Russia.

@DrFNFurter returned last week, with the long-awaited conclusion to the tweet that began way back in 2009.

The latest post was re-tweeted over 26,000 times and favourited over 13,000 times as of Tuesday afternoon.

Users applauded the joke in droves.

Now we're left to wonder how the mysterious user came up with this elaborate plan.

Was the tweet posted with the expectation that we would only hear from them again half a decade later? Did the user slack off and leave a job half done? Or is this a social sciences researcher, who's studying whether you can gain clout on Twitter by doing precisely nothing?

Whatever the motivation, well played, @DrFNFurter, well played.

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