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This Is The Most Canadian Barbecue You'll Ever See (PHOTOS)

Want a little more Canada in your barbecue? Just add beer, maple syrup and the great outdoors.

Those are three ingredients that a group of friends brought to a cookoff that was about as Canadian as it could be, according to some delectable photos that were posted to Reddit on Tuesday.

User UpvoteUnicorn claims to have been inspired by a two-word text: "rock burgers."

So the innovative chefs went out into the woods with nothing more than their food, a knife and some tinfoil, finding everything else they needed in the forest.

First, they wrapped some potatoes with red and green onions in tinfoil, then poured syrup and beer over it. In fact, they poured those ingredients over "literally everything" they cooked, according to a photo caption.

They also cooked burgers, bacon and salmon on top of a rock that was heated by a fire underneath.

The end result looked a little rugged, with some of the meat sticking to the rocks, but no less delicious.

As one Imgur commenter put it, this is "Epic Meal Time: Canadian Wilderness" edition.

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