05/13/2014 01:58 EDT | Updated 07/13/2014 05:59 EDT

Lost wedding ring located thanks to determined Toronto airport employee

A Calgary woman who lost her wedding ring recently at the airport in Toronto was worried it was gone forever.  

But she and her husband didn’t count on an airport employee in Toronto going above and beyond in a bid to find it.

The drama began when Mike McManus’s wife Julie, who had just flown from Calgary to Toronto, called him from Pearson International Airport.

"I got this incredibly panicked, anxiety-ridden phone call," he said.

She told McManus her wedding ring had gone missing. She wanted to search for it, but her flight to Europe was about to board.

"I convinced her to get on the plane and said, ‘We'll find it from here.’”

McManus called Air Canada and the lost and found department at the airport to try to get someone to look for the missing ring.

“Both of those people said, ‘You know we’ll definitely take a description, if something comes up then we’ll get back to you,’” he said.

“And when I was kind of hitting up against that wall, that’s when I asked if it was possible to talk to anyone in facilities. And that’s where things really got rolling.”

McManus was connected with a woman named Susie – whose last name he never got – who took it upon herself to organize a search party.  

"This woman, Susie, was just incredible, she just took it and ran with it,” he said.

McManus gave her a list of places his wife thought she might have lost the ring.

“Susie marshalled a bunch of people to get there and check through a bunch of garbage cans,” he said.

The first search turned up nothing, said Pearson spokesperson Corrine Madden. But Susie was undeterred.

"She decided not to give up and decided to reach out to additional Pearson employees and including some of the janitorial staff and other employees in the restaurants in that area closer to the passenger’s gate,” Madden said.

“And in the second search they were able to come up with the ring.”

They found it at the bottom of a garbage bin.

McManus said he still can't believe a group of total strangers went to all that trouble.

“There's so many places where they could have said, ‘nope, we don't have the staff’ or ‘we don't have time’ or ‘we don't do that sort of thing’. The fact that it was found was just incredible. And I was blown away at the improbability of it,” he said.