05/13/2014 04:15 EDT | Updated 07/13/2014 05:59 EDT

New Brunswick Liberals say effort to have leader table resume cheap politics

FREDERICTON - An effort by the Progressive Conservatives to have New Brunswick Liberal Leader Brian Gallant provide the legislature with a detailed resume is a cheap attempt to attack his character, the Opposition party said Tuesday.

Tory backbencher Ryan Riordon introduced a motion calling on Gallant to present to the house by Friday details of his business and legal experience. The motion cites an ad on the Liberal party's website where Gallant says he started two businesses and helped build a law firm.

Liberal house leader Bill Fraser said the move was low.

"This is just a cheap political stunt by David Alward and his Conservative team to try and impugn the character of an honourable member on our side of the house," Fraser said. "New Brunswickers deserve better."

Transportation Minister Claude Williams, who seconded the motion, said he has received phone calls looking for details about Gallant's experience, though he refused to say how many.

"The leader of the Opposition can just come up and table the information and that's the end of it," Williams said.

The motion calls for Gallant to produce detailed information on the businesses he started, including their annual revenues, and any current involvement Gallant has with them. It also calls on Gallant to give the name of the law firm he helped build, his responsibilities at the firm, the dates of his involvement and the number of cases tried.