05/13/2014 02:54 EDT | Updated 05/13/2014 03:59 EDT

Most Popular Alberta Baby Names In 2013, Plus Some Strange Ones

Ben Richardson via Getty Images

The most popular baby names in Alberta in 2013 won't come as a surprise.

For the fourth year in a row Liam took the top baby name for boys, while Olivia knocked Emma out of top spot in 2013.

Liam, Ethan, Jacob and Logan have consistently made the cut for top 10 boy's names between 2005 and 2013; while Emma, Olivia and Ava have been among the 10 most popular names for girls.

A record 53,090 babies were born in Alberta last year, according to Service Alberta.

Click through to see some of the fun and popular names Alberta parents chose for their newborns last year. More unique choices continue after the slideshow.

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A number of parents, however, took inspiration from the fantasy genre — perhaps lifted directly from "Game of Thrones", by selecting names like Arya, Daenarys, and Talisa for girls, and Tyrion, Theon, Martel and Rayder for boys.

Fans of the "Hunger Games" trilogy chose names like Peeta, Cato, Rue, Seneca, Primrose, and Gale.

Names from the "Harry Potter" series also showed up, with some babies named Hermione, Ginny and Draco.

And, inexplicably, some of the stranger name choices include Heavendip, Urban, Logic, One, Jixxr, Godbless, and Thunderheart for boys; and Godwill, Barbie, Diva, Glamour, Lava, Siri, Eunique, and Violetrose for girls.