05/13/2014 03:24 EDT | Updated 07/13/2014 05:59 EDT

Prince Albert, Sask., bans taxis from drive-thru liquor outlets

Amid concerns about the safety of cab drivers, Prince Albert, Sask., has banned taxis from using drive-thru liquor outlets.

The city of 35,000 has two drive-thrus for booze, and when taxis are involved it's typically the drivers who have to place the order and take delivery through the window.

The city received a complaint that some of the passengers in these cases are minors or are otherwise prohibited from buying alcohol.

Cab drivers say that puts them in an uncomfortable situation and they're worried about threats, particularly from intoxicated customers who demand they buy alcohol on their behalf.

On Monday, Prince Albert city council voted to amend the Taxicab Bylaw to ban cabs from going through drive-thrus.

Mayor Greg Dionne, who was among the council members who voted for the change, said it will improve safety for cab drivers and will make it harder for minors and other prohibited people from getting alcohol.

Dionne noted only one person spoke against the taxi ban — the owner of the National Hotel, which has a drive-thru, who said he would lose business.

Dionne said the change will go into effect this week when he signs the bylaw.