05/13/2014 12:11 EDT

Rihanna's Hottest Instagram Photos To Help With Your Withdrawal

It's been days, nay, weeks, since Rihanna's Instagram account mysteriously shut down and we're in withdrawal!

In April, the photo sharing site confirmed that they had briefly suspended the singer's account by accident and quickly had it restored but only days later, RiRi's account was down again and no one knows why!

As of press time, Rih has not commented on her AWOL account but that hasn't stopped us from wondering, "Is she gone for good?" and "Now how will we see her sexy pics?"

Sure, the 26-year-old has been posting a few hot selfies to Twitter but they can't compare to some of her previous Instagram exploits.

How can we forget the time she channeled Kate Upton in a white bikini or the time when she twerked in, yes, another bikini? Sigh.

So, while we wait (forever??) for Rihanna's Instagram account to come back, we take a look at her hottest Instagram pics. Well, at least the ones we could salvage.

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