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Rob Lowe Really Doesn't Like Air Canada Rouge. Here's His Disdain In Tweets (UPDATES)


Air Canada Rouge has had its share of ups and downs, but on Sunday the Canadian airline was taken to a new low, courtesy of actor Rob Lowe.

The former "West Wing" star was flying aboard Air Canada's "low-cost" carrier on its Vancouver to Los Angeles route when he took issue with the airline's legroom and the cabin crew's uniform, reports. But rather than share his thoughts with customer service, Lowe voiced his opinions on Twitter:

Air Canada Rouge says they offer three types of seats: Rouge; Rouge Plus, which offers extra legroom and finally, Premium Rouge which places passengers at the front of the plane for even more personal space. According to a statement from Renee Smith-Valade, Vice President of Customer Experience for Air Canada Rouge, Lowe was seated in Premium Rouge.

"We hope — notwithstanding his comments on the seats — that overall he enjoyed the service and our rouge crew," wrote Smith-Valade in an email sent to the Huffington Post Canada.

On Tuesday, Lowe tweeted some more about Rouge, clarifying his gripe was with the airline's seating and less so about the "hats"

While Lowe's Twitter rant was seemingly spurn out of boredom — at least according to Japlopnik — other passengers have voiced their disdain in a less comedic tone.

Feedback for the Canadian carrier has been less than stellar on social media. Reaction has included complaints about cramped leg room, uncomfortable seats and poor ventilation, according to reviews on Skytrax.

Customers have even coined the act of getting bumped from an Air Canada flight to Rouge into a verb phrase — "getting Rouged." Some passengers have even sworn off the airline.

"I'm a tall guy. My No. 1 concern is that I can fit into that seat for three hours — or eight hours — and not have to crawl off the plane afterwards," Jim Noon, a former Air Canada Rouge passenger, told CBC.

"I used to be a loyal Air Canada traveller, and now I am certainly going to look elsewhere."

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