05/13/2014 06:34 EDT | Updated 07/13/2014 05:59 EDT

Saskatchewan Metis president says AGM election didn't follow the rules

SASKATOON - A Saskatchewan aboriginal group has asked the federal government to stop funding the Métis National Council after the re-election of its president.

Métis Nations of Saskatchewan president Robert Doucette says the election was "wrong" and called it a sad day for Metis governance.

Last weekend, the council held its annual general meeting in Winnipeg and Clem Chartier was re-elected president in a vote of 28 to 27.

Doucette says the meeting and the vote did not follow with the rules and the constitution.

He also says MNS vice-president Gerald Morin and nine area directors put three people who had not been democratically elected as voting delegates for the council annual general meeting.

Doucette also says Morin and the others disenfranchised four democratically elected Métis officials from voting, and if they had been there, the outcome would have been different.

"The inclusion of these (non-elected) individuals, this calls into question the business of this meeting because they sat and potentially voted on the business conducted in the meeting and they didn't have any right to do that," Doucette said.

"As far as I'm concerned, at this present moment the MNC is irrelevant in the lives of average Métis citizens and after this weekend does not have the moral, legal and political right to say they represent the interest of Metis citizens of Canada."

He says the "final indignity" was a resolution to suspend Doucette as the MNS representative on the MNC board of governors.

Doucette said that he will be looking into his options to "bring justice to the election" including possible court action.