05/13/2014 07:14 EDT | Updated 07/13/2014 05:59 EDT

Two Montreal barbers swamped with 'Habs haircuts'

Die-hard Habs fans are finding creative ways to display their playoff fever — but forget about flags on cars.

As Montreal Canadiens' fans gear up for the Habs to take on Boston in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, hundreds of them have decided to don their team’s logo — in their hair.

"We got a call from the Canadiens. They wanted a specialty type of barbering, which only our two barbers can do in the city," said Corey Shapiro, the owner of Notorious.

That’s how the two barbers became part of the Habs' festivities outside the Bell Centre.

On game nights, they are set up in a tent — and fans have been lining up by the hundreds.

“The response was just unbelievable. There were two lucky people that got Stanley Cups done, and a portrait of [P.K.] Subban's face," Shapiro said.

Barber Scott Ramos, who works at Notorious, is a Winnipeg native known for his hair designs.

"I’m really glad that we've been doing this Habs thing because not too many people in Montreal want designs," said Ramos.

Since the playoffs kicked off, the barbers say hundreds of fans have stopped by their shop for a shave.

“I feel like if I do this, it might give the Habs that extra boost — that extra boost they're looking for in Game 7,” said Habs' fan Dave Arnold, who got the back of his head shaved into the shape of the Habs' logo.

Shapiro said it's not just male fans coming in for a "Habs special."

"We've had little girls, older women, older men, kids. It’s just been an overwhelming support for a team, which is really nice."