05/14/2014 05:48 EDT | Updated 07/14/2014 05:59 EDT

Bank building, government office stand in for hospital closed in Saskatchewan

MAPLE CREEK, Sask. - A bank building and a government office are standing in for a southwestern Saskatchewan hospital that has been shut down.

A new hospital in Maple Creek is about five months from opening, but the old facility had to shut its doors this week because the roof was leaking.

The hospital's clinic has been moved into an old Royal Bank building, while lab and X-ray services have been set up in a SaskEnergy office, where there is also a garage for ambulances.

Maple Creek Mayor Barry Rudd says the health region tried to patch the roof temporarily on the old hospital but it didn’t work.

The town has a population of about 2,400, but the hospital serves around 8,000 people from surrounding communities.

Rudd says the roof has had problems for quite a while — lab and X-ray services had already been suspended for a couple of weeks due to leaks.

“We got more rain last week ... and Friday morning we got the call that there were air-quality issues and soaked insulation in the top, so they decided just to close it,” the mayor said

People in the community aren't too upset about the situation, Rudd said, because they know they are getting a new hospital.

“The building is there and you can see it and the construction workers are there, so I guess that makes everyone feel a little bit better," he said.

“It’s a community pulling together and really nobody is in a great uproar because they know that something will happen.”

A new integrated health facility is expected to be running by late September or early October.