05/14/2014 01:44 EDT | Updated 07/14/2014 05:59 EDT

New Brunswick to impose new regulations on white-tailed deer farms

FREDERICTON - Deer farmers in New Brunswick will have until the end of the month to abide by new regulations such as tagging the animals and constructing fences.

The regulations were to supposed to take effect last November, but Natural Resources Minister Paul Robichaud says many of the province's 15 white-tailed deer farmers raised concerns about them, so the deadline was extended until this month.

Robichaud says some of the farmers have complained that the regulations will be costly.

He says he may be willing to extend the deadline by a week or so, but he won't be changing the rules and deer farmers could face fines if they don't comply.

The government originally said the farms were illegal and threatened to shut them down after 55-year-old Donald Dube of Saint-Leonard was killed in October 2011 by a white-tailed deer he was raising.

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Ontario also allow white-tail deer farms.

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